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Ryan Manly ryan.manly at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 02:24:09 CEST 2012

Since I jumped into into Tom's thread in a big way I figured I should
follow-up here.

I am the Senior Mac Guy at Glenbrook HS District in Northbrook and
Glenview. I was a Mac Genius for about 5 years before getting this gig.
Before I fell in love with the 12" Aluminum PowerBook I ran Linux
exclusively, getting really good with bash.

I have always been an IT guy and not a programmer. My interest in Python
started when I found a buch of things I wanted to do with plists and some
other program's output in OS X that parsing with bash or awk made into
really nasty looking code. plistlib and Apple's Foundation provide MUCH
better options for getting at this info.

I let my interest kind of languish for most of last year after a brief
weekend of figuring out how to get pygame installed and working in iPython
using the latest version of python from Python.org because I wanted syntax
highlighting. ;)

Now I am doing the Coursera course and I bought the 4th ed. O'Reilly book
which I have played around with a bit. I will burn through it as quickly as
possible after the Coursera class is done.

I do want to get downtown at some point to meet you folks but resurrecting
the Northside meetings as some have talked about in this thread would be

Ryan M. Manly
Glenbrook High Schools
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