[Chicago] Venue announced for January 9th: Dev Bootcamp

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Thu Dec 19 17:40:38 CET 2013

Props to our own Amber Doctor for creating a webapp to collect venue
details for events.

It's a web2py app, so props to Massimo Di Pierro as well.

Code: https://github.com/amberdoctor/chipy_venue_questionnaire
Site: http://chipyvenue.pythonanywhere.com/

That is the important part - most of you can stop reading now.

omg answers, and loading doc!   That makes me happy.

now the sad:

There are no answers for PA system.  Which is less helpful than there
being "no" answers.
There is also (will email) answers, but I have not received the email.

but back to good news (sorry for it being late.. being early caught me
off guard)

send them http://chipyvenue.pythonanywhere.com/

it is simplistic by design.  I expect to collect at most 12 rows per
year, so it is simply
1. create account
2. use your account to edit your row as many times as needed.

Adam filled it out last month - that was our RC test, it worked!

On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 4:52 PM, Brian Ray <brianhray at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dev Bootcamp
> 351 West Hubbard St. Suite #701
> Chicago IL 60654
> RSVP is now open: http://chipy.org
> --
> Brian Ray
> @brianray
> (773) 669-7717
> --------------------------------
> Carl:
> We have a venue offer from Dev Bootcamp for December.
> Is your location accessible to people with impaired mobility? yes
> Have you hosted a ChiPy meeting before? no
> Have you attended ChiPy before? yes
> Do you have room for 50 to 90 people? yes
> Can you sponsor food? yes
> Is an RSVP list required? maybe
> What time can we show up to prepare for the meeting? after 5pm
> How long can we stay in the room? 2am
> Are you located near public transportation? yes
> Is there convenient parking near your location? street and payed
> Can you provide a table or 2 in back for food and drinks? yes
> Can you provide garbage and recycling for food and drinks? yes
> Can you provide contact information to the organizers? yes
> AV and Video Requirements
> Carl Karsten (@nextdayvideo) is the chipy AV and Video organizer. He needs
> to know if your place has any of the following. If not, talk to him in
> advance so that he can make preparations to bring equipment.
> Presenter
> (something that works) Podium - Something for the presenter to stand behind
> and put their laptop on.
> (yes) VGA Monitor on a small table near the podium - this will be what is
> being displayed by the projector.  It is nice if you have it, but not at all
> a requirement.
> (yes) Power to podium so the laptop doesn't have to run on batteries.
> (yes) 15 pin VGA cable from podium to projector.  (not HDMI)
> (yes) Projector and screen
> PA System
> Amp and speakers - built in or freestanding.  Even if this is not needed for
> the audience to hear the presentation (which is hard to predict), it is
> needed to get good audio for the recording.
> Wireless headset - presenters will typically type, it is hard to hold a mic
> and type.
> Hand held mic - The MC needs something, and often it will be handed to
> people to make a 30 second announcement.
> Unbalanced audio input from laptop - once in a while the presenter will want
> to feed the audio from their laptop into the PA system.  Holding the hand
> held mic next to the laptop speakers is often good enough.
> Recording Station
> (yes) Front Of House table 30' from podium (This is where the recording will
> happen.)
> (yes) It needs to be big enough for 2 people with laptops
> (yes) power to table
> (carl to supply mics) Balanced line level between PA and table - either from
> or to, depending on who is supplying mics.
> (maybe) Wired ethernet from podium to table.
> (maybe) wired Internet connection  - 1.8mbs for streaming. (optional)
> Additional Information needed
> Where can AV equipment be unloaded? ( Loading dock south side )
> Can you provide volunteers to meet us to help unload equipment? (yes)
> What are loading doc hours, and who is a contact for the loading doc? (will
> email)
> Where can a jeep SUV be parked during the meeting? The jeep is used to bring
> equipment. (maybe)
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