[Chicago] CHIRP Radio is looking for Python devs (freelance opportunity)

Kumar McMillan kumar.mcmillan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 07:21:37 CET 2013

Hey Chipynauts, if you are available for freelance, take a look at this:


Send an email to chirp at chirpradio.org if you are interested.


CHIRP Radio, a non-profit Internet radio station, is looking for a software
developer to give its music department greater control over CHIRP's vast
digital library (currently ~2TB of MP3s). We're looking for help to expand
our automated import process and to expand our web frontend to control the
management of the library.

CHIRP DJs use Traktor Pro (v1.2.7) to play music on-air in tandem with a
Python-based Google App Engine website [1] to browse the collection.
Another Python system [2] runs on a Linux (Ubuntu) server to watch for
incoming files, extract / verify metadata, add them to the Traktor library
NML file, and update the App Engine datastore. Music Dept staff use a
simple web frontend [3] to manage imports into the digital library. Each
system has a full suite of unit tests and also documentation. All tools are
developed in the open and are Apache licensed for community collaboration.

The ideal developer will work with CHIRP staff to identify user stories and
priorities, accompany all code changes with automated tests and
documentation, and will recommend backend and UI solutions for each problem.

   1. The DJ tools website: https://github.com/chirpradio/chirpradio
   2. The importer scripts: https://github.com/chirpradio/chirpradio-machine
   3. Web frontend to manage digital library:

 *Key skills required:*

   - Familiarity with the Python Django framework
   - Proficiency in automated testing
   - Knowledge of Linux, shell permissions, security, etc
   - CSS/HTML, familiarity with Twitter's bootstrap

 *Primary Objectives:*

   -     Create a straightforward, easy-to-use visual front-end that allows
   the music department staff to import music to the digital library at will,
   without need for the command line interface or the assistance of one of the
   tech department
   -     Through that same front-end and/or the DJ Database, enable the
   music department staff to delete music from the digital library at will
   -     Through that same front end and/or the DJ Database, enable the
   music department to modify existing MP3 metadata

 *Secondary Objectives* (Upgrades to the DJ Database):

   -     Add GUI drop-down menus to advanced search so that text commands
   are not necessary
   -     Add a feature to allow linked search results between related
   -     Correct the error that causes compilations not to show up in
   artist search results

 *If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your CV, hourly
rate information, and a paragraph or two on why you are interested to
CHIRP at chirpradio.org.*
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