[Chicago] CivicLab - A Civic Makerspace is Now Open!

Benjamin Sugar bsugar at skilfullycurled.org
Tue Jul 30 22:20:11 CEST 2013

Hi ChiPy,

I'm new to the list but here none the less to announce that CivicLab, a civic makerspace in the West Loop is now open!

CivicLab is a space that brings together a community organizers, educators, designers, makers, artists, and technologists to co-work, research, teach, build community and create tools. Together, we work to increase civic engagement, foster direct participation and empower neighborhoods.  CivicLab offers a space for co-working, classes, community events, and MeetUps.

Particular to ChiPy, we're looking for teachers for all levels programming, hardware and software, and people who want to use their coding skills for the betterment of our communities.  We're looking to co-work with anyone who cares about this city and wants to work side by side with peers who do, too.

You can find more information here:  http://www.civiclab.us/newhome/ or by emailing us at info [at symbol] civiclab.us

Thanks for your time, I look forward to meeting you in person at a subsequent meetup.

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