[Chicago] Anyone want an APC server rack?

Brian Moloney brian at imagescape.com
Tue Apr 8 20:22:09 CEST 2014

Greetings ChiPy,

We have an APC AR500 NetShelter Standard enclosure that we are looking
to get rid of.  Before it hits Craig's List, I thought I'd offer it to
ChiPy list members.  Particulars include:

- FREE, but you have to come get it from our 2nd floor walk-up office
(it weighs 274 lbs.)
- 40U (70") storage height for 19" rack-mount equipment
- Fully ventilated doors and roof
- Front and rear door locks
- Quick-release side panels with locks
- Cable access on the roof, bottom, and rear
- Adjustable leveling feet
- Adjustable vertical mounting rails
- Ample clearance for wiring between front door and mounting rails
- Quick-release reversible front and rear doors
- 76.4" x 24" x 34.4"

Anyone interested, just call the office (773-275-9144) and ask for
Jenn.  It hits Craig's List later this week.


Brian J. Moloney
Managing Partner

Imaginary Landscape, LLC
Web Design | Development | Strategy
(877) 275-9144 toll free


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