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I'm on the Software Carpentry discussion list, and this post and link to a
paper looks interesting. It's a write up of experiences teaching
programming using python to geoscientist undergrads.

The swc list is focused on pedagogy for teaching best programming practices
to >= grad students, but people are curious about other populations too.

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 We finally got around to writing up our experiences with teaching
introductory programming programming using python. Our interest is teaching
students outside of cs where there is already a busy curriculum. It
basically tracks 5 years experience from teaching using a traditional
lecture style (which was a disaster) to a software carpentry style (which
the students *love*).

 Recently there was some discussion on the list about teaching
undergraduates and literature supporting choice for first programming
languages etc. We have tried to provide sufficient coverage of the
literature to support these choices - hopefully any of you making the case
in your own faculty might find these references useful.

 The preprint is here:

 We have just submitted it for review and so will have another round of
editing before final publication. Please let me know if you have any
comments, criticisms suggests, citations missed etc.


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