[Chicago] Fun at Pumping Station last Wednesday night.

Lewit, Douglas d-lewit at neiu.edu
Mon May 25 10:15:54 CEST 2015

Hi guys,

I just wanted to say that it was really nice to meet some of you at Pumping
Station last week.  Definitely a fun evening, and I appreciate the various
suggestions on how to use Python.  But I'm still confused why *next("name
of generator")* is better than *"name of generator".__next__( )*  I
mean.... they do the same thing!

What's the difference between the Pumping Station meetings and the meetings
at Brain Tree?  Similar setup or something different?

I'm curious about membership dues and benefits at Pumping Station. * The
workshop on the first floor is amazing!!!*  But not much point to having
access to the workshop without a teacher or mentor.  Are there classes for
members so that they can learn how to use the various machines in the

This is totally off topic and not about Python at all, but if anyone is
interested in arts and crafts or workshop classes, etc, etc, you should
really check out the following site:

www.folkschool.com or www.folkschool.org

Wow!  A really nice "folk school" in the western part of North Carolina
that is dedicated to the preservation of 19th century Appalachian arts and
crafts.  I took some blacksmithing classes there when I was a bit younger,
and I had the time of my life!  (Not to mention that the scenery is really
amazing, beautiful, peaceful and super inspirational.)  The first floor of
Pumping Station One brought back fond memories of the time I spent there.
They offer these one-week classes and workshops, so it's not like you have
to quit your job and move to North Carolina forever.  I love that place.
If you ever want to escape from all the madness of the 21st century and
take a vacation in the 19th century (and also explore your inner artist or
craftsman) then that's a great place to visit for one week.  Highly


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