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if looking, and interested in the below, please reach out to me or contact
Andrey directly.



Our team is looking for a skilled, experienced, and hard-working developer
who enjoys writing high-quality code. We look to find a person who shares
our desire to build things in Chicago that can be more interesting and have
more real impact than what is being created elsewhere.

When it comes to software, we are getting tired of the words “tech” and
“solution” and we strive to concentrate on complicated web-based computer
technologies, using some of the latest developments, and building things
that work amazingly well in real applications.

*Critical skills we need:*

·         Python – mid to advanced level

·         Web development

*Big pluses:*

·         Experience with business systems development

·         Full stack

·         Ecommerce experience

·         Payments processing experience

·         Node.js for back end

·         Excited about ECMA 6

·         Some software architecture experience you are proud of

·         PHP on Laravel or Symfony

*The project we need help on:*

·         First priority is to develop several high quality modules for a
Python ERP system to enable it to be used for ecommerce, making it an
end-to-end ERP system with ecommerce front end that is fully integrated.

·         Upon completing the modules, 3 online stores are to be launched
using the array of newly created modules. We will run these stores and use
them for on-going R&D for both system development and marketing strategy

o   Once the initial three stores are running, we will open more.

·         Work from external clients is also taken on, given that it is
aligned with our goals, abilities, and availability. Thus, to make this a
long-term partnership, some external projects might be assigned in case if
the primary activities are completed or on hold

*What to expect:*

·         To test your skills, in addition to meeting to talk, we will
provide a test, which will require you to develop a small module in Python,
which will test your research skills, attention, ability to figure out
system logic, and your coding skills specifically in Python

·         We will pay market rates and, as long as you continue to help
with what the team needs, we will work very hard to provide you with
interesting work for as long as you wish to stay with us

You can read some basics that we advertise about ourselves here:


We also have a website that we don’t emphasize at this point:


Please send an email to andrey.kolesnikov at steersman.works if interested to
know more and potentially join our team.
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