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HADDLETON, Robert W (Bob) bob.haddleton at nokia.com
Mon Oct 31 16:32:03 EDT 2016

PyCharm.  If your professors abhor IDEs they aren't preparing their 
students for
real world jobs.  Familiarity with git and an IDE are pretty much expected.

I use vi/vim/emacs as much as anyone (maybe more) but an integrated IDE 
used properly
is essential for medium and large projects with multiple/many developers 
or which uses a
large number of external modules.


On 10/31/2016 3:00 PM, Aswin kumar wrote:
> Hi,
> Do people in industry use Vim editor or Emacs for software development
> in their office or do they use an IDE?  In college my Professors abhor
> IDE and suggest us to use VIM or Emacs for development. So I am
> curious to know if its is the same case in industry.
> Regards,
> Aswin.
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