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Daniel Fehrenbach dnfehrenbach at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 17:41:45 EDT 2016

Here at work folks on my team picks individual preferred tools - Emacs,
Sublime, PyCharm, Atom, Vim etc. I use sublime but I've found it doesn't
hurt to be able to use all of them to perform the basics of editing code -
you'll eventually be confronted with a server and only have vim - so if you
can at least open/edit/save/exit that is really helpful, or if you're pair
programming with someone it kind of wastes time to struggle with an editor
you've never used instead of getting work done.

On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 3:32 PM, HADDLETON, Robert W (Bob) <
bob.haddleton at nokia.com> wrote:

> PyCharm.  If your professors abhor IDEs they aren't preparing their
> students for
> real world jobs.  Familiarity with git and an IDE are pretty much expected.
> I use vi/vim/emacs as much as anyone (maybe more) but an integrated IDE
> used properly
> is essential for medium and large projects with multiple/many developers
> or which uses a
> large number of external modules.
> Bob
> On 10/31/2016 3:00 PM, Aswin kumar wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Do people in industry use Vim editor or Emacs for software development
>> in their office or do they use an IDE?  In college my Professors abhor
>> IDE and suggest us to use VIM or Emacs for development. So I am
>> curious to know if its is the same case in industry.
>> Regards,
>> Aswin.
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