[Chicago] Mentorship Program Applications in Full Swing!

Ray Berg raymondwberg at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 00:02:46 EDT 2017

Hey, Everybody!

The applications are rolling in for the Fall Term of the ChiPy Mentorship
Program! Is your application ready? Go to https://chipymentor.org/portal to
get yours in ASAP (applications close August 13)

If you were lucky enough to catch the 10 fantastic presenters at the most
recent ChiPy meeting you'd know just how cool this program is. 13 weeks,
one-on-one, lots of learning, and a chance to network with some of the best
and brightest in our active Python community. This is a cool, totally-free
program thanks to our awesome volunteers.

That said, we need your applications to keep our program active:

Mentors: You are the lifeblood of our program. You might be able to explain
loops and object oriented design, or perhaps you're a data-science expert
looking to grow the field. Either way, we need mentors with experience in
subjects like intro level Python, API usage, API design, web development,
DevOps/systems management, data visualization, data analysis, and machine
learning. We'll pair you with someone appropriate for your level.

Mentees: Whether you are fresh to Python with only a few online tutorials
under your belt, or a veteran coder who doesn't understand how to break
into data-science toolsets, or a budding programmer trying to build your
first webapp.....there's a spot for you! We're looking for passionate,
hard-working folks to really get the most out of the one-on-one direction
from mentors. Come with your own project; what do you want to learn and
build? Rather than give you a standard curriculum, our mentors will help
you get the build your knowledge to be able to tackle that idea you've been
mulling over.

Filling out applications is easy, and if you've done it before then it's
waiting for you to apply this month! Revise your answers, and apply to the
Fall 2018 term by August 13th. But why would you wait until then? It's easy
to do it now.

Tell your friends who are excited about code; tell that person in your
office who would make a great Mentor. If they don't have a blast I promise
them their money back.

If you have any questions about the program, let us know by emailing
mentorship-team at chipymentor.org. But most of what you need, including
schedules, is on the website: https://chipymentor.org/#details

Ray Berg
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