[Chicago] ChiPy June 2019 Main Meeting: Python Community Night

Joe Jasinski joe.jasinski at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 18:52:18 EDT 2019

Hi ChiPy,

We have a really exciting meeting planned for June 13! We are holding a
ChiPy "Community Night", where leaders from different Python communities
will share their insights and developments in the Python communities that
they are part of. Learn more about PyLadies and the Python Software
Foundation. See the exciting line-up below!

Thank you for Peak6 for hosting us this month.

See you there next week!

Thursday June 13, 2019, 6 p.m.

6:00pm Doors open
6:30pm: Meeting starts

*How:*You can RSVP at chipy.org <http://www.chipy.org/> by noon the day of
the event.


Board of Trade Building 141 W. Jackson Chicago
Check in with security in the lobby with a photo ID. Mention you are here
for the meetup at Peak 6.


   - *Shaping Chicago PyLadies: An organizer’s perspective*
   By: Sand Ip
   Experience Level: Novice
   From its founding by Lorena Mesa in 2015 until now, the Chicago PyLadies
   chapter has evolved into a strong presence by the help of many passionate
   organizers and fellow tech community partners. In this talk, we will take a
   look at Chicago PyLadies history, partnerships, and how our future is
   actively being shaped by our global PyLadies.
   - *Come for the language, stay for the community*
   By: Naomi Ceder
   Experience Level: Novice
   In 2014 Brett Cannon summed it up when he said of Python, "I came for
   the language, but I stayed for the community." These are some reflections
   on what makes Python communities so special, the challenges they face, and
   how to take part in them and help them (and ourselves) grow and thrive.
   - *Python Software Foundation Annual Impact Report*
   By: Ewa Jodlowska
   Experience Level: Novice
   In 2019, the PSF released its first Annual Impact Report. This report
   details the financial standing of the PSF. Additionally, the report
   how funds we receive support various PSF programs. During this talk we will
   go through the data and discuss upcoming programs the PSF will be funding.
   - *Past, Present, and Future of the Python Software Foundation's
   Community Infrastructure*
   By: Ernest W. Durbin III
   Experience Level: Novice
   In fulfilling the mission of the Python Software Foundation,
   infrastructure to support the development, use, and promotion of the
   language has seen steady investment. We'll take a stroll through the
   services that the PSF currently supports, the history and current state, as
   well as a brief introduction to future initiatives. No experience or prior
   knowledge is needed!

Thank you always to all our sponsors, including our Diamond sponsors: Metis
and Telnyx
Also thank you to our Platinum sponsors: Braintree, Imaginary Landscape,
Lumere, and Signature Consultants.
Also, thank you to our Silver sponsor: Markit.

Please be aware of our code of conduct http://www.chipy.org/pages/conduct/

Joe J. Jasinski
Joe J. Jasinski
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