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DANIEL LEPKOFF: Improvisation Workshop, November 23-27, 2009,  
Schwelle7, Berlin/Germany

Foundations of Improvisation
5 day intensive Improvisation Workshop with Daniel Lepkoff
WHEN: Monday – Friday, November, 23-27, 2009, 12 am – 6 pm
WHERE: Schwelle 7, Berlin, Germany

Researching Movement, Mind & Flow of Information

This work examines the basic functioning of the body and how the mind  
and body work together to compose our movement. Whatever is happening,  
at any moment, is appreciated as an intelligent response to our  
present moment and as material that can be placed in a dance frame.  
The workshop provides tools for researching your own movement choices,  
and developing ones powers of observation.

Developmental movement patterns such as: walking, rolling, crawling,  
running, pushing, and pulling form a base vocabulary used to re- 
simulate and re-examine our body's deep understanding of how to move.

“The movement of our attention." is our primary tool for our research.  
Structured explorations offer ways to re-focus on particular details  
of our sensory experience, perceptions, and actions. We open to all  
aspects of our experience: gravity, touch, vision, sound, time, & the  
In these ways we re-form our images and understandings of what is  
going on when we move. Our physical research is a base for spontaneous  

Material developed in the workshop will be presented to the public in  
an Informal showing at the end of the week, Friday, 27 at 8:30 pm, Our  
focus will be live performance as a venue and vehicle for sharing  
information We will use this opportunity to think about the nature of  
improvising in performance and to consider what is happening  
physically in the minds and bodies the performers and audience members  
in the theater.

WORKSHOP: http://www.schwelle7.de/Daniel%20Lepkoff.html
REGISTRATION: xs4jan (at) gmx.de

We can host up workshop participants in our special sleeping cocoons.  
The cost is 10 EUR a night per person.

----------- LOCATION --------

Schwelle 7
Uferstraße 6 HH 1. OG
13357 Berlin/Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 173 - 6118404
Email: info (at) felixruckert.de

TRAFFIC LINK: UB Nauener Platz, Pankstr, Osloer Str, SB Gesundbrunnen


by Daniel Lepkoff

„As a maker of dances, a designer of theater and an improvising  

I am not specifically interested in presenting “dance” movement on the  
What is happening
at any moment,
I see as possible material that can be placed in a dance frame.
Each of us exists in an on-going physical dialogue with our environment,
tuning to the details and nuance of our own and
each others’ movement behavior and to the conditions of our present  
We observe, we feel, and we act.
We create our own images and
construct our own understandings.
Ordinarily this activity is unconscious.
In the theater I want to stimulate audience and performer alike to  
consciously and actively create their own images,
and so my work is designed not to tell the audience what it is they  
are looking at.
Inside of a moment of disorientation, of not knowing, lies an  
opportunity for a person in the theater
to create their own story.
In these times, we are surrounded by media images designed by others
to manipulate our attention and to control what we know and do not know.
As an artist, the performance event offers me an opportunity to create,
Empty Space.“



DANIEL LEPKOFF's work looks at "all" of our movement as a finely tuned  
physical dialogue with the environment and explores the form and  
composition of this interaction.

He played a central role in the development of Release Technique with  
Mary Fulkerson and Contact Improvisation with Steve Paxton since the  
early 70’s. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s he traveled extensively;  
actively teaching, performing, and exposing this new work and new  
ideas to audiences worldwide.

As a performer and teacher he is known for his commitment to a way of  
composing dances that arises from the process of living movement, a  
vision of living in the body in a physical dialogue with the environment

He is one of the founders of Movement Research in NYC.

In the 80's Daniel was a member of the New York based improvisational  
performance ensemble “Channel Z” from 1982 to 1987. Channel-Z’s  
members included: Robin Feld, Paul Langland, Daniel Lepkoff, Diane  
Madden, Nina Martin, Stephen Petronio, & Randy Warshaw.

Over the years he has collaborated with many other artists and  
performers including: Lisa Nelson,  Steve Paxton; Paul Langland, Saira  
Blanche Theater in Moscow (Oleg Soulimenko and Andrej Andrianov), Lux  
Flux in Vienna (Inge Kandlsdorfer, Annette Pffeferkorn and Jack  
Hauser) and Japanese dancer, Sakura Shimada, among others.

His own work has been seen in NY  at PS122, The Kitchen, Movement  
Research, DTW & Danspace. He has received grants for The Robison  
Foundation &  The Suitcase Fund. In 2002 he was the artistic director  
and co-produced (together with Mira Kovarova) of "Physical Dialogues"  
a dance festival in Bratislava focusing on alternative systems for  
researching movement.

He has published numerous articles articulating concepts that are  
central to his own work, these writing appear in CQ, The MR  
Performance Journal and Contredanse Publications in Bruxelles.
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