[Conferences-discuss] Crackle, crackle, "hello"...

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 13:25:57 -0500

Greg Ward wrote:
> Is there a Zope track at OSCON?  Should there be?  I don't really have a
> feel for how much the Zope track at IPC is a major gathering for the

As noted in a followup, I think Zope is a track at the Python part of 
OSCON.  To put it in the jargon that might come true, there will be a 
Zope track at Python 11, and Python 11 is _conference_ at OSCON.

About how much of a major gathering it is...it's pretty important. 
However, there have been a number of Zope gatherings at different places 
in Europe and the U.S.  Still, we at ZC are considering O'Reilly to be 
our one big event this year (though we don't treat it as a 
sales-oriented conference).

> Zope community.  Presumably, that community is big enough and important
> enough that it needs/deserves some sort of focal point.  But if there
> are only web and general tracks at this proposed Python Workshop,
> there's a danger that the Zope community will either overwhelm the web
> track, or find themselves shut out (ie. without formal recognition at
> any conference).

This is a good point.  I'm not too sure I have a good answer regarding 
the balance.  I think it's good to showcase the variety of Python 
options for web applications and I enjoy talking with the other folks 
that are doing things.  Still, the Zope community has a need to organize