[Conferences-discuss] Let's step back a bit...

Adam Turoff ziggy@panix.com
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 15:56:33 -0500

On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 01:29:47PM -0600, Skip Montanaro wrote:
>     David> There's nothing _due_ to any region, state, county, or
>     David> principality!  
> Agreed.  Still, I think it would be worthwhile to at least put Australia as
> an option in your list.  The Aussies seemed to be pretty well-represented at
> IPC10, and let's not forget that when we're freezing our asses off in the
> midwest, they are getting tan on the beaches in Oz.

That's not really a good argument for having the one big grass-roots
event in Oz.

That *is* a really good argument for having a series of smaller, local
grassroots events around the world, including one in Oz primarily 
for the convi^Wlocals.


(Hint: this is what Perlfolk are doing, with two small annual events in 
Europe, one big huge commercial event in California, one small grass-roots
event in the east/midwest, and one on-again/off-again event in Japan.  Each
year.  For the last two-three years.)

(Hint: The BSD folks are learning this too.  There used to be a single
event in Japan every year, and recently there's an annual event that used
to be held in Bezerkerly [now organized as a USENIX event], and this past
fall there was the first small European event in England.)

(Hint: The Tcl folks don't seem to have caught on to this trend...:-)

Just another two perls to throw into the discussion,