[Conferences-discuss] world-wide conference series we might piggy-back

Paul F. Dubois paul@pfdubois.com
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There is a series of object-oriented conferences held a variety of world
locations already -- the TOOLS (Technology of Object-Oriented Languages
and Systems) conferences. It might be possible to arrange Python tracks
at those. I have been to the ones in Santa Barbara and France and they
have them in the Pacific (usually Oz) and Eastern Europe.


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> That *is* a really good argument for having a series of smaller, local

> grassroots events around the world, including one in Oz primarily for 
> the convi^Wlocals.

I like this idea very much.  That's why we have EuroPython.  In past
years we've had other local events like JPF001 in Bordeaux a few years

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