[Conferences-discuss] Let's step back a bit...

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 02:31:30 +0100

Andrew Dalke wrote:
> David Ascher:
> >       Rate your top three preferences
> >           [ ] East Coast, US 
> >           [ ] West Coast, US 
> >           [ ] South, US
> >           [ ] Midwest, US
> >           [ ] Canada
> >           [ ] Europe
[snip snip]
> Another thing to point out is that a vote like this shouldn't
> be used as a majority rule.  The last few conferences have been
>  San Jose, Texas, DC, San Diego, DC
> You can call Texas part of the South or the Southwest, but it
> points out the Midwest is due a conference at some time.
> Location: Southwest

Amusing. You'd think Canada or Europe would be due instead. :)

Anyway, Europe *is* due, even though everybody here so far seems to be mostly
ignoring it (zilch replies to my message, and then a huge thread about
this). That's not to say there's not to be any North American conference,
and I'd be glad to attend it given the time and the money.

There's a whole lot of duplication of effort and thought going on here,
and my programmer's heart is telling me to look for a way to avoid such..