[Conferences-discuss] suggestions for increasing Python 11 submissions?

Kevin Altis altis@semi-retired.com
Wed, 5 Feb 2003 14:21:00 -0800

I plan to post another reminder this week to c.l.py... about the upcoming
February 15th deadline for OSCON/Python 11 proposals, but I would appreciate
suggestions for increasing the number of proposals.

Nathan Torkington just posted the following numbers to give an idea what has
already been submitted:

This report breaks the incoming proposals down by track, and whether
they're a tutorial or talk.  I've put some Tomcat proposals into the
Apache track--Rich and James should decide whose track (Apache or
Java) those go into.

Current numbers:

  Track          Tutorial Talk Uncategorized
  Perl           16       14   0
  PHP             4        3   0
  Python          1        2   0
  Apache          6       15   0
  Apps            6       11   0
  XML             4        1   0
  MySQL           0        0   0
  PostgreSQL      2        1   0
  Ruby            1        2   0
  Emerging Topics 1        9   0
  Java            0        0   0
  Undefined       0        0  14

  TOTAL = 113    41       58  14

As you can see, Python only has 3 submissions so far. I think the basic
problem is that we only recently found out about the deadline and there are
already three other Python conferences this year before OSCON/Python 11, so
people simply aren't thinking ahead to Python 11.


March 26-28: PyCon DC 2003 (Washington, DC)
April 2-3, 2003: Python UK Conference 2003 (Oxford, UK)
June 25-27, 2003: EuroPython 2003 Charleroi (Belgium)

My inclination is to have people that would like to attend Python 11 in July
submit their proposals for these other conferences to Python 11 as well.
OTOH, it might be that with EuroPython conference so close to Python 11, few
Europeans, if any, will be attending Python 11.

Robin Dunn, Patrick K. O'Brien, and I have already had some discussions
about trying to do a full day of wxPython-related tutorials; a proposal will
be submitted before the deadline. Both Robin and I live in Portland, so this
would be very convenient for us if it fits the schedule. It would be nice to
see other GUI tutorial session proposals as well to provide some balance.

Kevin Altis