[Conferences] PiterPy Online / Russian Python conference / August 3-6

IT-dominanta, Денис denis.kalanov at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 12:27:43 EDT 2020

The *PiterPy* conference will be held online from August 3 to 6.

4 days of technical talks about Python from speakers from all over the

* Fantix King* - creator and maintainer of asynchronous ORM GinoORM

* Kaxil Naik* - one of the maintainers of Apache Airflow and senior Data

* Sebastian Ramirez* - creator and maintainer of FastAPI and Typer

These and other speakers at the conference website: https://piterpy.com/en

You're welcome to apply for a talk: https://piterpy.com/en/speaker#form

See you online at PiterPy!

*Denis Kalanov, *

*Organizer of PiterPy*
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