[C++-sig] Re: compile errors with embedding example from tutorial

Faheem Mitha faheem at email.unc.edu
Fri Jul 2 17:27:08 CEST 2004

On Fri, 02 Jul 2004 14:57:27 +0800, Joel de Guzman
<joel at boost-consulting.com> wrote:

> Faheem Mitha wrote:
>> However, I still cannot get a Python extension module with the
>> interpreter imbedded to work, however. I still get the same error as
>> before.
> Hi Faheem,
> The code in the tutorial can be found in the test/embedding.cpp/py
> You can find a function called test_tutorial() there:
> void
> test_tutorial()
> {
>      using namespace boost::python;
>      object main_module(
>          handle<>(borrowed(PyImport_AddModule("__main__"))));
>      object main_namespace = main_module.attr("__dict__");
>      handle<>(PyRun_String(
>          "hello = file('hello.txt', 'w')\n"
>          "hello.write('Hello world!')\n"
>          "hello.close()"
>        , Py_file_input
>        , main_namespace.ptr()
>        , main_namespace.ptr())
>      );
> AFAIK, the code is passing the regression tests. Perhaps you can use
> the test example as a staring point?

Thanks. However, I am not sure which version of the test/embedding.cpp
you are referring to. The version at
http://www.boost.org/libs/python/test/embedding.cpp which I assume is
the current CVS, is the same as the version in 1.31, and neither of
them have the code you refer to.

In any case, does the code you refer to define an extension module
which embeds the interpreter and can be called from Python? Because
that is the case I am interested in. I have been unable to find any
examples out there along these lines, despite some effort.

The current version of test/embedding.cpp that I have seen is a C++
executable, and the extension module defined there is called within
the interpreter that is embedded in this executable. This is not the
same as what I am trying to do.


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