[C++-sig] boost.Python/Jam with shared libraries

Rene Rivera grafik.list at redshift-software.com
Tue Nov 9 22:52:52 CET 2004

Aaron Bentley wrote:

> I'm trying to add a python interface to some of the functionality in an existing
> app.  I've managed to get a test version to compile, but the result doesn't work
> because shared libraries (both commonly-available and app-specific) in are
> required for our app.
> I've tried modifying the Jamfile as suggested in the wiki, adding library-dir
> and library-file directives, but I get 

Which Jamfile?

> Can anyone help?

Probably. But we would need more information. Like answering the above 
question. And providing the Jamfile you have. At least.

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