[C++-sig] Re: -sBUILD=debug-python

Rene Rivera grafik.list at redshift-software.com
Wed Nov 24 17:09:25 CET 2004

Stefan Quandt wrote:

> Specifying TOOLS on the command line has no effect because of the line
>   TOOLS=msvc
> in my Jamrules file.
> After deleting the line all compiler calls fail with
>   Command line error D2016 : '/Ze' and '/Za' command-line options are
> incompatible
> Obviously bjam's tool detecting heuristics fail for MSVC6 (that's why I
> originally added the TOOLS definition to my Jamrules).

There are *no* tool detecting heuristics. You need to specify TOOLS 
somehow, or it will default to vc-7_1 on Windows, gcc otherwise.

> Nevertheless with specifying "-sTOOLS=msvc" on the command line the
> -DBOOST_DEBUG_PYTHON is now present in the compiler command lines!
> And the "debug-python" build variant can be build successfully.

And the reason is that since you specified the TOOLS in Jamrules that is 
loaded after python.jam so it never got a chance to react to the TOOLS 
setting of "msvc".

If you need to set the TOOLS someplace other than the command line, set 
it in boost-build.jam that is the first loaded file.

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