[C++-sig] Python Packages from embedded interpreter

Joseph Lisee jlisee at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 18:38:14 CET 2008

I accomplish something similar that I think will solve your problem as well.  
I have a vehicle package, which has vehicle.MyClass, and 
vehicle.device.MyClass.  The way I expose this is by creating two wrapper 
modules: _vehicle and _vehicle_device.  I then have my source laid out like so:

    __init__.py (does "from _vehicle import *")
    device.py (does "from _vehicle_device import *")

So I would follow the same strategy for you.  Create a "sourcemod" and a 
"sourcemod_console" wrapper modules.  Then you could do something like this in 
the namespace you run your programs:

namespace bp = boost::python
// Import sourcemod into the namespace
main_namespace["sourcemod"] = bp::import("sourcemod");
// Setup sourcemod.console to equal sourcemod_console

I hope that helps.

-Joseph Lisee

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