[C++-sig] what do I need to correctly port boost python extensions

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Mon Dec 21 09:45:10 CET 2009


Am Montag, 14. Dezember 2009 23:09:31 schrieb Nikolaus Rath:
> Alexey Akimov <alexey.akimov85 at gmail.com> writes:
> > However I am still wondering if there is a way to avoid rebuilding the
> > extension when one travel from machine to machine.
> The only way is to have exactly the same runtime environment (i.e.,
> having installed the same distributions with the same version on the
> same architecture). Otherwise you have to recompile.

I think you're a bit too pessimistic.  While I agree that the 
"normal"/standard way on Linux(*) is to recompile for a specific distribution 
/ machine type, there is the LSB standard which makes certain distributions 
"similar enough" so that your binary might work.

Read: You could try an existing binary before recompiling, when the machines 
are not too different.

Ciao, /  /
    /  / ANS

*: OK, there is proprietary, closed-source software which is usualy 
distributed together with most dependencies, either statically linked or with 
a bit .so collection and some shell script / LD_LIBRARY_PATH startup magic.

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