[Cython] NumPy test failures in Py2.4

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Mon Mar 26 15:12:32 CEST 2012

mark florisson, 26.03.2012 14:13:
>> On 23 March 2012 19:40, Stefan Behnel wrote:
>>> after re-enabling the NumPy tests, I'm getting two NumPy (1.6.1) test
>>> failure in Py2.4 (2.7 is ok):
>>> [...]
> Basically the problem is that with aligned structs inside padded
> structs the format parser needs to start aligning in isolation from
> the actual offset. E.g. it still needs to isolate an int on a 4-byte
> boundary, but in relation to the start of the aligned struct, which
> may in itself not be aligned. This is not a regression so I'm leaving
> it as is, as the fix is complicated and I'm rather preoccupied.
> Basically I think the buffer format parser should be rewritten to use
> a single stack (and so does Dag), which would make things a lot less
> complicated, but that's not a trivial task.

Ok, so how do we deal with this for the time being? Disable the test in
CPython versions where it fails? (that would be 2.4 and 2.5, I guess?)

BTW, maybe we should start using a decorator for the tests that compile
correctly on a given Python version but fail when being run. That would
allow us to handle cases like this more easily, i.e. to keep tests in one
test file even though some of them are being ignored in a specific environment.


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