[DB-SIG] [ANN] pyPgSQL 2.1 released

Gerhard Häring haering_postgresql@gmx.de
Thu, 6 Jun 2002 18:29:53 +0200

* Federico Di Gregorio <fog@initd.org> [2002-06-06 18:18 +0200]:
> erm. psycopg has dictfetchXXX methods. but i think is much better
> implement them in python-space, if you really use them a lot. (for
> example, if you have two columns with the same name, psycopg will
> happily overwrite the first one with the second.)

Probably best to raise

    ProgrammingError("don't use SELECT * damnit, and go look about\
        AS in your SQL book")


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