[DB-SIG] Beginner in troubles.

Ignacio Guerrero ig_laselva@hotmail.com
Sun, 17 Mar 2002 18:41:46 -0300

<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV align=left>I have a little problem... be patient, I'm a beginner.<BR>I'm exercising my newly aquired skills and I found myself with a problem that outskills me.<BR>I'm writing a script that:<BR>-asks you if you're a new user or a registred one.<BR>-then, if you're new, asks you to:<BR> &nbsp;-fill a form with personal data...<BR>&nbsp;-and prompts you for a userName and a userPass (which you have to type twise with exact spelling).<BR>&nbsp;-then, verifies if the userName is already taken or not and...<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;-if it is, takes you back to the previous prompt or...<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;-if it's not, adds your pass and Id to a database file.<BR>-I leave the else: to you :-)</DIV>
<DIV align=left>Now, my problem is that I'm not working with a database file but with a text file, appending the userName and the userPass to it, and retrieving them later.<BR>What I want to know is: How do I work with a database file?</DIV>
<DIV align=left>I work under Windows 98 (sadly, I wish I could use Linux, but my mom would die, or may be kill me.)<BR>-I have looked for every tutorial and nothing...<BR>-I went to the SQL site, red a tutorial... looks easy.<BR>-I had no troubles with Python, so far... lots of doc.<BR>-I had no troubles with Tkinter nor wxPython either... lot of doc too.<BR>-But (and it's a big BUT)... I can't find a single tutorial for beginners on working with DB's under Windows OS.<BR>&nbsp;-Should I download a Db's API?<BR>&nbsp;-Should I create a DB file or does my script should do that?<BR>&nbsp;-How do I link the data generated by my script to de DB file?</DIV>
<DIV align=left>¡¡¡HEEEEEEEEELP!!! Please.</DIV>
<DIV align=left>If it sounds like a stupid question just tell me where to FAQ myself (FAQ... I said FAQ).<BR>Thanks.<BR>Ignacio.</DIV>
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