[DB-SIG] Beginner in troubles.

Andy Todd andy47@halfcooked.com
Mon, 18 Mar 2002 20:32:20 +1100

Ignacio Guerrero wrote:

> I have a little problem... be patient, I'm a beginner.
> I'm exercising my newly aquired skills and I found myself with a problem 
> that outskills me.
> I'm writing a script that:
> -asks you if you're a new user or a registred one.
> -then, if you're new, asks you to:
>  -fill a form with personal data...
>  -and prompts you for a userName and a userPass (which you have to type 
> twise with exact spelling).
>  -then, verifies if the userName is already taken or not and...
>   -if it is, takes you back to the previous prompt or...
>   -if it's not, adds your pass and Id to a database file.
> -I leave the else: to you :-)
> Now, my problem is that I'm not working with a database file but with a 
> text file, appending the userName and the userPass to it, and retrieving 
> them later.
> What I want to know is: How do I work with a database file?
> I work under Windows 98 (sadly, I wish I could use Linux, but my mom 
> would die, or may be kill me.)
> -I have looked for every tutorial and nothing...
> -I went to the SQL site, red a tutorial... looks easy.
> -I had no troubles with Python, so far... lots of doc.
> -I had no troubles with Tkinter nor wxPython either... lot of doc too.
> -But (and it's a big BUT)... I can't find a single tutorial for 
> beginners on working with DB's under Windows OS.
>  -Should I download a Db's API?
>  -Should I create a DB file or does my script should do that?
>  -How do I link the data generated by my script to de DB file?
> ”””HEEEEEEEEELP!!! Please.
> If it sounds like a stupid question just tell me where to FAQ myself 
> (FAQ... I said FAQ).
> Thanks.
> Ignacio.


You've hit a bit of a problem area there I believe. I searched Google 
for 'python database tutorial' and the results were a little sparse to 
say the least.

I think the problem here is that most people who come to the DB-SIG know 
how to use databases and how to program in Python but just need to join 
those two areas of knowledge together.

I think it would be a very good idea to write a getting started type 
document which could fit into the Python HOWTO Documents 
(http://py-howto.sourceforge.net). Sadly, I don't have the time to do it 
but if anyone would like to volunteer ...

If you want to persevere with a relational database the one I've had the 
most success with on Windows 98 is MySQL. You can download the database 
from http://www.mysql.com/ and the DB-API module from 

In the short term, if a full blown relational database is too much to 
learn in the short term maybe you should check out the anydbm module 

Whichever you choose please let us know how you get on and the list is 
always here for you to ask questions if you get stuck.

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