[DB-SIG] Stubborn's apology

Ignacio Guerrero ig_laselva@hotmail.com
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 20:19:42 -0300

I believe I owe you all an apology.

Arthur Albano, Andy Todd, Marcus Lycka, Paul Turcotte and Andy Dustman tryed 
to show me the way to solve my beginner's problem. They told me to use:

>>>import MySQLdb

But I kept on replying that I hadn't have that module.
Well, I opened the Python Interpreter and write what Andy Todd told me to 

>>>import MySQLdb db = MySQLDb.connect(db='mysql') c = db.cursor() myquery = 
>>>"SELECT * FROM user" c.execute(myquery)
>>>results = c.fetchall() results
(('localhost', 'root', '', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', ...

... and, surprise, it worked.

I still don't know where that MySQLdb came from but, evidently, it's there.

So, I'm sorry. I should have trust you.

I read somewhere that "Ignacio" means exactly that: Stubborn. That name 
REALLY fits me.

"Want to teach me? Bring your hammer."

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