[DB-SIG] Compiling DCOracle2 on HPUX

Gerhard Häring gerhard.haering@opus-gmbh.net
Tue, 8 Oct 2002 11:36:56 +0200

* plusk@radford.edu <plusk@radford.edu> [2002-10-07 17:00 -0400]:
> I've been advocating the use of python here (Radford University).
> I've demonstrated some programs that my bosses found interesting, using
> DCOracle2 and mx.DateTime on Win2K. My bosses worry about the costs of deploy
> program on all our users' machine and would prefer that I get things to work
> on our HPUX box. I have a sympathetic admin helping me, and he was able to 
> install mx.DateTime. 
> the DCOracle2 package did not install because it could not find a 
> lib it needed. 

Looks like you're having a different problem than I had recently with DCOracle2
on HP/Unix. As a consequence, I wrote a quick HOWTO for our internal Wiki.
Here's a translation - perhaps it will help somebody:


This is the PyhtonOnHpUnix HOWTO. It may be possible to get it running more
easily (with the Python binary from
http://hpux.cs.utah.edu/hppd/hpux/Languages/python-2.2.1/) These are only the
facts, for background and details only RTFM will help.

1 Development Environment

    * Have the sysadmin install gcc 3.1 from the above URL
    * Put mxExtensions, cx_Oracle und DCOracle2 sources on the box
    * Put Python 2.2.1 sources on the box

2 Compile Python

    * untar Python 2.2.1 sources
    * Call ./configure --prefix=~/
    * Manually edit the Makefile (that's the ugly step), such that Python links
      against a certain library called "cl". Search the variable which
      determines which libraries Python links against. I've simply searched for
      "pthread", then inserted "cl" there.
    * make
    * make test (to look if everything works ok)
    * make install
    * Put the Python you compiled yourself in the PATH

3 Compile mxExtensions

    * untar mxExtensions
    * python setup.py build
    * python setup.py install

4 Compile DCOracle2

    * untar DCOracle2
    * make sure that ORACLE_HOME is set correctly
    * change setup.py such that LFLAGS is set to an empty list, otherwise the
      linker of HP-Unix will complain
    * python setup.py build
    * python setup.py install

5 Compile cx_Oracle

    * I don't currently use this database interface, but wanted to get
      an alternative to DCOracle2
    * untar cx_Oracle
    * make sure ORACLE_HOME is set correctly
    * python setup.py build
    * python setup.py install
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