[DB-SIG] MySQL Python module bugs or what?

Jekabs Andrushaitis jekabs.andrusaitis@tietoenator.com
Tue, 8 Oct 2002 17:48:40 +0200

> You have to use %s, even if you're dealing with integers. The
> 'quoting'
> code inside the DBI module turns all the parameters into
> strings before
> passing it to a python % operator.

Is it how that is SUPPOSED to be, or just a case about MySQLdb?
psycopg module in pyformat binding mode happily accepts most format
strings like regular % operator does.

I havent looked into DBAPI about this, but it seems to me that
binding methods should be consistent between different modules.

We already have 4 different types of binding (if not more), but speaking
of pyformat - isnt it supposed to accept anything Python % would accept?

Any comments on largeblob datatype under MySQLdb? It just fails with
data >1Mb!!!

As I noted in my first mail, this is not a "party sopper" for me, just
I noticed and had to work around (I used %s for all bind variables
under MySQL).

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