[DB-SIG] python 2.3 and databses

Andy Todd andy47 at halfcooked.com
Sun Aug 10 12:36:27 EDT 2003

liz george wrote:
> Dear Sir,
>         I would like to know how i can connect to Oracle database using 
> the new version 2.3 of python. I dont find any appropriate code in 
> python 2.3 to connect to the database. Is there somethin that I should 
> download?
> thank you,
> Eliza

There are two modules available for connecting to Oracle;

- cx_Oracle from Computronix, which can be found at 

- DCOracle2, which can be found at http://www.zope.org/Members/matt/dco2

Both of these will work with Python 2.3

If you are using Windows and don't have access to a C compiler then you 
will need a binary version of the module. Currently only cx_Oracle ships 
a binary for Python 2.3 and that may be your best bet.

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