[DB-SIG] cx_OracleDBATools 2.1

Anthony Tuininga anthony.tuininga at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 18:16:49 CET 2006

What is cx_OracleDBATools?

cx_OracleDBATools is a set of Python scripts that handle Oracle DBA
tasks in a cross platform manner. These scripts are intended to work the
same way on all platforms and hide the complexities involved in managing
Oracle databases, especially on Windows. Binaries are provided for those
who do not have a Python installation.

Where do I get it?


What's new?

 1) Added support for Oracle 10g.
 2) Enhanced CreateDB to treat all unknown keys in each database type section
      of the configuration file and additional parameters after the SID on the
      command line as user specified parameters that will be used when doing
      the substitution in the template init.ora, template creation sql, and
      the template directory files.
 3) Enhanced ExportControlFile to include the current archive log mode so when
      the control file is recreated, it will be the same.
 4) Enhanced BackupDB to allow lower level compression by adding the
      --compress option.
 5) Enhanced RestoreDB to display information about a backup file without
      having to restore the database by adding the options --info (prints
      summary information) and --list (lists all files in the backup).
 6) Enhanced RestoreDB to allow the changing of ORACLE_HOME when restoring
      a database as a different SID.
 7) Enhanced StartDB to allow restarting the database if it is already started
      by adding the options --restart and --shutdown-mode.
 8) Enhanced RestoreDB to remove an existing database if desired by adding the
      options --replace-existing, --tnsentry and --sys-password.
 9) Added simple script which examines the memory maps on Linux to determine
      how much shared/private/mapped memory is in use. The output of this script
      is still less than useful for the shared and mapped memory.
10) Stopped backing up temporary files since they can be rebuilt faster upon
11) Fixed the problem of backing up the same directory twice under file
       systems that are not case sensitive.
12) Fixed parsing of the log_archive_dest parameter.
13) Removed restriction on the new directory being different from the old one
       when performing a restore so that restoring to the same location on a
       different machine is possible.
14) Put password in quotes in the templates so that it does not have to follow
       Oracle naming conventions.
15) Added parameter db_cache_size as another size parameter.
16) Split the template OracleControl.ini into files for Windows and files for
       Unix type machines.

Anthony Tuininga

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