[DB-SIG] Why so many Python drivers for PostgreSQL?

Bob Kline bkline at rksystems.com
Mon Jan 18 16:12:49 CET 2010

I've been search for information which would provide some background 
information on why there are so many choices for talking to PostgreSQL 
with Python, as well as guidance as to which of the options is the most 
widely used, most stable, most likely to be maintained in the future, 
has the fewest bugs, provides fullest feature support, etc.  Are the 
deficiencies in each of the drivers so serious that so many programmers 
are driven to roll their own?  Or are these the outgrowths of ambitious 
student projects?  If anyone knows of such a guide (preferably not too 
horribly out of date), I'd be very grateful for a link.  Lacking the 
existing of such a document, perhaps those of you who have been done 
serious work with the drivers would be willing to share what they have 
learned about the relative merits of what's out there.

Bob Kline
mailto:bkline at rksystems.com

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