[Distutils] Distutilizing wxPython

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Fri Oct 13 23:31:01 2000

On 09 October 2000, Thomas Heller said:
> There should probably be separate flags for the C-compiler
> and the resource compiler.

Is that really necessary?  Robin's patch seems OK to me, except that it
only fixes MSVCCompiler -- presumably the Borland compiler class should
get similar treatment.

When would you need separate -I and -D options for the resource

> Yes, I also had this problem with a setup script for Mark's win32all
> modules.
> IMHO, the import libraries should go into "build/temp.win32-1.5".
> There is no use in different directories for Release and Debug builds,
> because the file names are already different.

OK, I'll bite: what the heck *is* an import library, and why are they
needed?  Are they produced by the compiler, the linker, or something
else?  Are they needed to produce static libraries, shared libraries
(DLLs), executables, or something else?  Are they pecular to Microsoft's
compiler or do all Windows compilers have something similar?

> (Although it is not a MSVC problem, it is a windows problem.

Oh, I guess that answers my last question.

> AFAIK there are no import libraries on unix)

The only kind of libraries I know of are shared and static.

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