[Distutils] SWIG+distutils+Windows???

Michel Van den Bergh michel.vandenbergh@luc.ac.be
Wed Jan 3 16:28:03 2001

Norman Vine wrote:
> Michel Van  den Bergh writes:
> >
> >
> >Hi I am trying to generate an extension module using distutils on windows.
> >I am using the plain vanilla command
> >
> >python setup.py build_ext -ccygwin
> >
> >(the corresponding command without the -ccygwin works fine on Linux).
> >
> >The source for the extension module was generated by SWIG on
> >Linux (as I don't have SWIG on windows).
> FWIW SWIG compiles OTB with Cygwin
> Are you building this against a Cygwin compiled python
> if so you probably need to add
> -DUSE_DLL_IMPORT to the gcc flags
> Norman
Thanks for the suggestion, but I am just using the vanilla ActiveState
I tried to add USE_DLL_IMPORT to the gcc flags anyway but it didn't make
any difference. The same symbols remain undefined. I really don't
understand what goes on here. These symbols are referenced in Python.h
and descendants as externals but they don't seem to be in python20.lib
(I checked with nm). 
I also tried SWIG on Windows but that didn't help either (I didn't think
it would).