[Distutils] distutils on OS X?

Just van Rossum just@letterror.com
Fri Nov 9 06:26:01 2001

Just van Rossum wrote:

> I can't reproduce your problem, CVS Python, stock reportlab, OSX 10.1.

But I can with Python 2.1.1... This did work under 10.0.4, and I see the
following difference between the build outputs:

Under 2.1.1:
cc -bundle -undefined suppress build/temp.darwin-1.4-Power
Macintosh-2.1/_rl_accel.o -o build/lib.darwin-1.4-Power

Under 2.2 cvs:
cc -bundle -flat_namespace -undefined suppress build/temp.darwin-1.4-Power
Macintosh-2.2/_rl_accel.o -o build/lib.darwin-1.4-Power

This -flat_namespace option might help, so maybe it's fixable by editing the
configure script. Jack? (This would most definitely be a candidate for 2.1.2, if
there'll be one.)

(Dinu: I have the reportlab .so's for Python 2.1.1, as built under 10.0.4, in
case nothing works and you must use 2.1.1. It's just not reportlab 1.10.)