[Distutils] distutils on OS X?

Just van Rossum just@letterror.com
Fri Nov 9 08:23:02 2001

Dinu Gherman wrote:

> > (Dinu: I have the reportlab .so's for Python 2.1.1, as built 
> > under 10.0.4, in case nothing works and you must use 2.1.1. 
> > It's just not reportlab 1.10.)
> I'm on 10.1 and there's is no way back.

Erm, they work just fine on 10.1, at least in my 2.1.1 install.

> Unfortunately most
> of the Cocoa developer tools also don't work anymore... 
> which is an ugly Apple move IMHO, that forces people to 
> download 180 MB after registering in their developers pro-
> gram, I'm told... sigh!

It's free, though.

> The .so's are not that important for me, but I'd like to be
> able to generate them, soon... I've patched get_platform()
> to replace blanks, but that doesn't help. And then, Jack's 
> comments leave me slightly more confused than I was before. 
> ;-)

Me too ;-)

> What I'm actually trying is to build an OS X package (.pkg)
> using distutils, but so far the bdist_rpm thing is still 
> beyond me. Probably I'll better start with bdist_dumb. 

I think you should move to Python 2.2... Jack and others have done *many*
OSX/Darwin things since 2.1.1.