[Distutils] Re: buildpkg.py to evaluate (Was: Python package maker for OS X Installer.app)

Dinu Gherman gherman@darwin.in-berlin.de
Fri Nov 16 06:11:24 2001

Jack Jansen <jack@oratrix.nl>:

> > Say, would it be possible to write a distutils interface for Dinu's
> > package manager driver ? If so, I wish someone from the Mac crowd 
> > would seriously look into this. If you need help, just ask...

Not sure people on this list are aware of the code I hacked
up and sent to some guys on pythonmac-sig for review. I've
quickly put it here in some temporary space:


> I pointed Dinu in the right direction (at least, I pointed him at 
> dbist_dumb.py, which I think is the right direction:-).

I looked at that before writing the current code (Marc-Andre 
pointed me to the RPM one). After getting quickly lost (which 
is because I'm pretty new to distutils, I assume) I decided to 
get something running outside of it. It was particularly un-
clear to me how to best make use of all options for the build
process, but maybe I just didn't spend enough time on it.

Now, I'm not sure I'm going to make further in-depht analysis, 
especially as it might be a good occasion for someone to ac-
tually write some section in the docs about how to add a new 
installer to the framework. If it's already there please do
point me to it, as I can't spend much time on that now.