[Distutils] Re: buildpkg.py to evaluate (Was: Python packagemaker for OS X Installer.app)

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Fri Nov 16 18:06:02 2001

Recently, "M.-A. Lemburg" <mal@lemburg.com> said:
> Hmm, I think we have to do something about the development process
> for distutils. AFAIK, Andrew is the current distutils champion --
> perhaps we ought to be a little more flexible w/r to checkins 
> and allow more people to review the distutils patches ?!

Yes, definitely. I've also had distutils Mac support miss 2.0 because
of this... No critique implied, I fully understand that people have
priorities, but I think we should get rid of bottlenecks if at all

> Mark, we won't get your patches into Python 2.2 because of the feature
> freeze, so there's currently no chance to check in your patches,
> but after 2.2 is out we could look at doing those checkins right
> away and perhaps even create a separate distribution of distutils
> before Python 2.3 goes out the door.

Hmm, personally I wouldn't object to features of this type, which will
probably be of the form of a single new bdist_foobar module and little
else. I know I'm taking the "no new features" dictum rather liberally
for MacPython. But that might be the Amsterdammer in me, others may
feel different:-)
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