[Distutils] Import extensions from zipfiles (windows only)

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Dec 16 08:06:06 CET 2004

At 09:15 PM 12/15/2004 +0100, Thomas Heller wrote:
>I have a first working version of an importer which can import extension
>modules from zipfiles, avoiding to unpack them to the file system.
>License is still LGPL, unfortunately.
>Subscribers to the py2exe-users list already know that it uses this code
>which simulates the windows LoadLibrary call:
>  http://www.joachim-bauch.de/tutorials/load_dll_memory.html
>It works in simple cases, the only ones that I have tested so far.
>Shall I publish it for experimentation?

Doesn't this technique require an extension module, which would mean in 
turn that we can't bootstrap it from the zipfile?  That is, it would have 
to be included in Python, which the LGPL would rule out anyway.

Still, it sounds most interesting.  I hope in another week or two to have 
some time to hammer out a prototype for a self-extract API and a setuptools 
extension to build a basic archive format.  I'm thinking that rather than 
allowing metadata to be a holdup, I'd like to get a base implementation we 
can experiment with.  In that regard, your technique sounds useful too, but 
I'm kind of wary about the licensing issue.

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