[Distutils] Inflex scan report [0203230623666]

postmaster at mail.unina.it postmaster at mail.unina.it
Tue Feb 3 17:06:00 EST 2004

This email has been sent to you from an email content scanning filter
 located on the server [python.org].  If you have any queries relating
 to this email, please direct them to postmaster.
Report Details -----------------------------------------------
Administrator Email Reply Address: postmaster
Email sent to:  messano at unina.it
Inflex ID: 0203230623666
Report Details -----------------------------------------------
AntiVirus Results...
SWEEP virus detection utility
Version 3.78, February 2004 [Linux/Intel]
Includes detection for 87441 viruses, trojans and worms
Copyright (c) 1989,2004 Sophos Plc, www.sophos.com

System time 23:06:01, System date 03 February 2004
Command line qualifiers are: -archive -all -rec -sc

IDE directory is: /usr/local/sav

Using IDE file rirc-a.ide
Using IDE file randex-y.ide
Using IDE file dumaru-k.ide
Using IDE file dumaru-y.ide
Using IDE file dloaderl.ide
Using IDE file inorb.ide
Using IDE file mmdloada.ide
Using IDE file eyeveg-b.ide
Using IDE file sdbot-dc.ide
Using IDE file bagle-a.ide
Using IDE file stawin-a.ide
Using IDE file agobot-p.ide
Using IDE file mimail-q.ide
Using IDE file mimail-s.ide
Using IDE file divix-a.ide
Using IDE file mydoom-a.ide
Using IDE file mydoom-b.ide
Using IDE file gaggle-b.ide
Using IDE file inor-c.ide
Using IDE file proxin-a.ide
Using IDE file sdbot-w.ide
Using IDE file flopcopy.ide

Quick Sweeping

00:02 ergymth.pif
>>> Virus 'W32/MyDoom-A' found in file /usr/local/inflex/tmp/inf_0203230623666/unpacked/ergymth.pif
00:02 _headers_  
00:02 textfile0
00:02 textfile1
00:02 textfile2
5 files swept in 2 seconds.
1 virus was discovered.
1 file out of 5 was infected.
Please send infected samples to Sophos for analysis.
For advice consult www.sophos.com, email support at sophos.com
or telephone +44 1235 559933
End of Sweep.

File NAME/TYPE Scan Results

0203230623666  from:distutils-sig at python.org  to: messano at unina.itType scanning off.
Name scanning off.
Text scanning off.



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