[Distutils] [RFC] (with patch) adding the python version to the package name

Anthony Joseph Seward anthony.seward at ieee.org
Sat Feb 28 11:51:12 EST 2004

I sometimes have more than one version of Python installed on my
system.  Since I use an RPM based Linux distribution I prefer to build
and install all of my Python packages as RPMs so that I can keep them in
a repository.  Having multiple versions of Python means that I get a lot
of package conflicts.  The solution that I have found most useful is to
append the version of Python used to build the package to the name of
the package.

For a while I was patching each package as I updated it.  Needless to
say this can become quite a hassle.  Lately I have been patching
Distutil's bdist_rpm.py file.  I've attached the patch to this message. 
Ussage is simple: If the setup script is invoked with
--add-python-version-to-name then the version is appended to the name of
the RPM package, otherwise nothing new is done.

I find this patch very useful and I'd like to have it included in the
main distutils distribution.  I'd appreciate any comments that would
help get this included.

Anthony Joseph Seward <anthony.seward at ieee.org>

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