[Distutils] Viking-12 Re: hello

Templetons Secretary-Bot btm at templetons.com
Thu Jul 22 16:37:18 CEST 2004

Dear 'distutils-sig at python.org' sending mail to brad at templetons.com:

I apologize, but this address gets a lot of unwanted bulk E-mail.
Since my "secretary" (Viking) has not seen your address before, you
need to send a simple confirmation to get on my good-list.

Your message on:
is being held.  If it is not a "spam" (SEE BELOW), just send a reply,
any reply, to this message.  Your held mail will be delivered to me
immediately and all future mail from you will go through directly.

Be sure the reply comes from the address: distutils-sig at python.org


What is spam?  Forget other definitions you may have or have heard.
I consider it spam if:

	It's part of a mailing to more than a few people, and
	You're a stranger to me -- I've never dealt with you personally.

If you have any doubt, or want to know more, or you are a spammer and need
to read some important legal warnings, please visit the web page:


Also please remove the address brad at templetons.com from all your lists.  

No, I will NOT trade links with you.

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