[Distutils] Passing in arguments to Distribution?

Jeff Pitman symbiont at berlios.de
Sun Nov 21 08:36:35 CET 2004

On Sunday 21 November 2004 15:17, Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
> Any recipes someone cares to share?  At the moment I'm thinking I may
> just parse the options myself using getopt, but that seems like it
> might cause pain somewhere down the road. I'm going to keep
> experimenting to see if I can hack something in, but this seems like
> it would be a common requirement, so I would imagine there's a lever
> somewhere I can throw...

4suite's latest alpha provides an interesting approach--though I won't 
come right out and vouch for it because I'm trying to spec an RPM but 
it doesn't have the --record option--where they allow for sub-packages.  
This allows one to operate on only certain sub-packages for building, 
installing, etc.  Although PackageManager provides for this, it 
constitutes as a fork of the mainstream distutils and as such there 
will be differences or even missing features (--record).

Anyway, seeing how it operates is beneficial for both discussion and 
potential py2.5 inclusion...

take care,

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