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This is an automated response to your email sent to Xara Technical Support (support at xara.com) which explains the various help resources available from Xara.

 *** Please note that your original email will not be read. ***
In order to offer a more efficient and timely level of technical support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we offer a range of online support services.  A list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers can be found on our website at http://www.xara.com/support/. We aim to add to the site over time so that it is always as up to date as possible. Helpful advice by experienced users is also available in the TalkGraphics Xara forums  (http://www.talkgraphics.com) and The XaraXone (http://www.xaraxone.com) website. 

These facilities are designed to enhance our existing email based support system, not to replace it. If you cannot find an answer to your question, the FAQ pages offer an e-mail link with which you can contact a member of the technical support staff. The FAQs answer all the common product, purchasing and account related questions and we urge you to check the FAQs first before contacting us directly, so that our experienced tech support staff can concentrate on giving a fast and effective service to those customers who require their help most.

The following are the top three commonly asked questions: 

Q.: I receive The message 'Invalid serial number, your program has not been unlocked' when entering my serial number
A.: The following information applies to customers that have purchased Xara 3D 5 between August 2002 and 31st September 2003 and are installing Xara 3D 5 from their CD.

1. Please install Xara 3D 5 from your CD and ensure it is not running. 

2. Download and execute Xara3dPatch.exe from http://downloads.xara.com/downloads/software/xara3dpatch.exe  

3. Run Xara 3d 5 and enter the serial number as displayed upon your CD.

This will resolve the unlocking difficulties you have encountered.  If problems persist, please run Xara 3D 5 and attempt to enter your serial number causing the error to be displayed prior to following the steps above.

Q.: 'My unlock-code does not work' or 'I need a new unlock-code for my Xara product'. 
A.: Click on the link 'Enter your unlock code' on the startup panel of
 Webstyle 2.1/3.0/3.1 or Xara3D 4/5 or Menu Maker and follow the instructions. 

In the case of Xara X or older versions of Xara3D or Webstyle click on 'Purchase', then follow the instructions. You will need your XaraClub user name and password. We have a password reminder hint page here:

Q.: My Xara product does not work properly on Windows NT4, 2000 or XP 
A.: You must install and unlock your Xara product whilst logged on to the computers 'Administrator' account. 
Q.: How do I insert a Navigation Bar (NavBar) created in Webstyle within my webpage designs? 
A.: Please refer to the Help file: Help - Index - Navbars - using on a webpage

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