[Distutils] SWIG runtime libs/Python distutils combo on Mac

Bill Spotz wfspotz at sandia.gov
Mon Sep 27 18:03:04 CEST 2004

This problem concerns using distutils to compile a set of python 
modules that are generated by SWIG, so I am cross-posting to both SWIG 
and distutils mailing lists.

I use SWIG to wrap several packages that are intended to be both 
independent and interoperable.  So I am creating separate python 
extensions that link to the swig runtime libraries.

Previously, I linked to installed system runtime libraries, but this is 
not the preferred approach, and indeed, swig 1.3.22 does not support 
it.  Instead, I am supposed to generate my own local runtime library, 
and link to it.  Fine; this would seem to be more portable.

The SWIG documentation says to do the following (for Linux), with the 
caveat that compiling dynamic libraries is different on every system:

     % swig -runtime -python swigrun.i
     % gcc -fpic swigrun_wrap.c -o swigrun_wrap.o
     % gcc -shared swigrun_wrap.o -o libswigrunpy.so

Now, you compile all of the normal SWIG modules using the -noruntime 

     % swig -noruntime -c++ -python A.i
     % swig -noruntime -c++ -python B.i

Finally, when linking the dynamically loadable modules, you need to 
link again the special runtime library above. For example (Linux) :

     % g++ -shared A_wrap.o -L. -lswigrunpy -o _A.so
     % g++ -shared B_wrap.o -L. -lswigrunpy -o _B.so

To get around the portability problem, I have decided to use python's 
distutils module to handle the compilation issues.  In my setup.py 
script, I define

   SwigRun = Extension("PyTrilinos.libswigrun", ["src/swigrun_wrap.c"])

and this works, as build/lib.blahblahblah/PyTrilinos/libswigrun.so gets 
created properly.  When I define real extensions in setup.py, they are 
created with keyword arguments

     library_dirs    = [..., "build/lib.blahblahblah/PyTrilinos", ...],
     libraries       = [..., "swigrun", ...],

which gives me the link command arguments I want: 
-Lbuild/lib.blahblahblah/PyTrilinons -lswigrun.  However, on my Mac, 
when the link command is invoked, I get

     ld: can't locate file for: -lswigrun

I strongly suspect that the Mac's ld command does not search for 
libswigrun.so when -lswigrun is given as a command line argument (the 
old system libraries have .la and .dylib extensions).  But I cannot 
figure out how to get setup.py to compile to a different suffix.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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