[Distutils] setuptools updated in CVS

Vincenzo Di Massa hawk78_it at yahoo.it
Tue Aug 9 11:53:00 CEST 2005

Hi Philip,
using your last cvs I get this error:

hawk at dimassa:~/stanzino/Projects/PythonModulePackaging/setuptools/setuptools-deb/cvs/python-setuptools-0.6a1$ python ez_setup.py -d ../tmp .
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "ez_setup.py", line 163, in ?
  File "ez_setup.py", line 147, in main
  File "/home/hawk/stanzino/Projects/PythonModulePackaging/setuptools/setuptools-deb/cvs/python-setuptools-0.6a1/pkg_resources.py", line 503, in require
    needed = self.resolve(parse_requirements(requirements))
  File "/home/hawk/stanzino/Projects/PythonModulePackaging/setuptools/setuptools-deb/cvs/python-setuptools-0.6a1/pkg_resources.py", line 480, in resolve
    dist = best[req.key] = env.best_match(req, self, installer)
  File "/home/hawk/stanzino/Projects/PythonModulePackaging/setuptools/setuptools-deb/cvs/python-setuptools-0.6a1/pkg_resources.py", line 638, in best_match
    dist = working_set.find(req)
  File "/home/hawk/stanzino/Projects/PythonModulePackaging/setuptools/setuptools-deb/cvs/python-setuptools-0.6a1/pkg_resources.py", line 381, in find
    if dist is not None and dist not in req:
  File "/home/hawk/stanzino/Projects/PythonModulePackaging/setuptools/setuptools-deb/cvs/python-setuptools-0.6a1/pkg_resources.py", line 2040, in __contains__
    item = item.parsed_version
  File "/home/hawk/stanzino/Projects/PythonModulePackaging/setuptools/setuptools-deb/cvs/python-setuptools-0.6a1/pkg_resources.py", line 1874, in __getattr__
    return getattr(self._provider, attr)
AttributeError: PathMetadata instance has no attribute 'parsed_version'

Thank you for your help!


Alle 02:17, domenica 07 agosto 2005, Phillip J. Eby ha scritto:
> FYI, I've just completed another round of changes to setuptools in CVS, 
> including performance enhancements and new extensibility features (with 
> documentation).  (And the 'sdist' command now incorporates the workaround 
> patch for 'delete="true"' in .svn/entries files.)
> setup() can now take a 'setup_requires' argument that specifies 
> requirements that must be present before setup() runs; this allows you to 
> depend on projects like buildutils, py2exe, py2app, etc. for setup 
> arguments, commands, etc..
> distutils extensions can now also define entry points to define new setup() 
> arguments and new EGG-INFO metadata files, as well as setup commands.  With 
> this release, it should be possible to take a distutils extension like 
> "buildutils" and implement all of its distutils hooks just by defining 
> "entry points" in its setup script, to declare setup commands, setup() 
> args, and metadata types.  Entry points can declare extras that they depend 
> on, too, so this means that commands can depend on external packages, and 
> setuptools will attempt to download and install those packages in the setup 
> directory if the package isn't already available on sys.path.
> This is probably the last round of non-bugfix changes before releasing 
> 0.6a1, apart from further documentation enhancements.  Before 0.6a1 is 
> released, I'd like to add more tips on non-root installations with 
> EasyInstall, and create an updated API reference for pkg_resources.
> Anyway, I haven't done a lot of regression testing yet, mostly just new 
> features testing, so these changes may still be a bit rough around the 
> edges.  I'd appreciate any feedback.  Thanks.
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