[Distutils] Opening question

Kevin Dangoor dangoor at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 03:53:06 CEST 2005

Hey, welcome to Python!

I'll answer what I can below... maybe some others can amplify.

On 8/23/05, Scott Mayham <Smayham at manh.com> wrote:
> We are rushing out the door, a new version of one of our main products. 
> Part of what's new about this release is that some parts of it are written
> in Python (2.4, I think).  These parts also use some bits for the PyWin
> package.  I have been chartered with exploring whether we can bundle the
> Python Windows installer (the MSI that the link on the "downloads" page
> points to) along with our product, and whether it (the Python installer) can
> be launched as a silent sub-install, in much the same way as we presently
> launch the Microsoft MSXML4.msi.  

You *can* bundle the Python Windows installer (as in: it is legal to
do so). I don't know anything about MSI installers, so I can't comment
on the silent sub-install part.

> As usual, the pointy-haired boss doesn't understand that the install
> developer doesn't (yet) know squat about Python.  I've just gotta get it
> installed so it can support our product.  I know, Disutils is supposed to
> make this unnecessary, but (I'm told) we use some stuff in PyWin which uses
> some stuff in Python which is not normally packaged that way.  If I've been
> told wrong, tell me what I need to know/do in order to package up our spiffy
> new written-in-Python software. 

Here's how I bundle up my Windows software: use py2exe:


which should grab everything you need (including a Python interpreter)
and drop it in a directory.

I use InnoSetup for the installer myself, but that's just personal preference.

If you have multiple standalone python scripts or there is some other
need you have that eliminates creating a single exe and using py2exe,
then including a full Python interpreter may indeed make sense.


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