[Distutils] Can distutils manage static libraries and fortran compilers ?

mathieu gontier mathieu.gontier at fft.be
Thu Jun 30 10:49:29 CEST 2005


I work on an finite element framework and Python bindings have been 
Actually, we use Boost.Build as build system but we would like to change 

We have two kinds of problems. First, the framework is used for generate 
pure C++ applications with static libraries ; second, the framework have 
some dependencies to fortran projects.
Then, in order to know if Distutils can be use in our case, I would like 
to know if :
- Can distutil compile static C/C++ libraries ?
- Can distutil compile C/C++ applications ?
- Can distutil manage fortran compiler and compile fortran libraries and 
applications ?

Thank for your answers,

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